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Qualifications and Rent

Faith Haven is an "Equal Housing Opportunity" provider practicing "Fair Housing Standards" in accordance with Federal Housing Regulations.

To qualify, an applicant must be 62 years old or older, if married, either the head of the house or spouse must be 62 years or older, and annual gross income must be below the median family income at the time. Current guidelines are single = $35,750 or Couple = $40,850

Faith Haven rents are based on 30% of an applicant’s Adjusted Gross Income.

Adjusted Gross Income is essentially all income (social security, pensions, wages, earnings on investments, etc.) less medical expenses.  These amounts must be certified at move-in and then annually (recertification) to determine the proper rent.

Faith Haven is governed by the rules of Section 236. Effective January 1, 2016, rates will increase to a market rent of $495/month and a basic rent of $405/month.  Should the 30% of Adjusted Gross Income calculate to less than $4045/month, Faith Haven must still charge $405/month.  Should the 30% of Adjusted Gross Income calculate to more than $495/month, Faith Haven can only charge $495/month.  These amounts are subject to change, but must be approved by HUD. 

Adjusted Gross Income of $15,800 computes to the minimum rent of $405/month, while $19,400 computes to the maximum (market) rent of $495/month.

Applicants (and current residents) with Adjusted Gross Income less than $15,800 may qualify for a subsidy to pay the difference between 30% of Adjusted Gross Income and the minimum rent of $405/month.  This qualification would be determined by HRA of Duluth.

The monthly rental amount includes; heat, water, sewer, electricity, waste removal and apartment maintenance.